About our company

Who we are

            Crotech Instruments Limited is UK based company manufacturing Test & Measurement Instruments, Power Supplies, High Power AC Systems, High Power DC Systems & Custom Built Products. Crotech is managed by company bred professionals and owes its technological leadership to its Engineers and Business Managers who are backed by a dedicated work force of over 600 people. Crotech’s primary strength comes from its field proven Design and Development skill. Crotech has several state-of-the-art products meeting International quality and safety standards, such as UL, VDE etc. It is today the OEMs source of such products for several British, American & German distributors. Crotech enjoys the highest reputation in world for product quality, business integrity and innovative Engineering. Quality at Crotech is the top priority.

Why choose us

Manufacturing Facilities

- A vertically integrated manufacturing set up in Asia. Shop floor area of over 1,50,000 sq. ft. (14,000 sq. mtrs.) 750 Employees. 200 + Qualified Engineers.

- Well equipped calibration lab with standards from Tektronics, Hewlett Packard, Yokogawa, Fluke, DEC, Marconi, Nicollet, Wavetek etc. Precise measurement capabilities of voltage, current, power, frequency, noise etc. from DC to high frequency upto 30GHz.

- CAD facilities for designing mechanical parts, tools and high density PCBs.

- Modern circuit assembly plant. Tool Room for metal cutting and plastic injection or compression moulding dies using NC machines.

- In house facility for manufacturing enclosures in MS and Aluminium. Over seventy custom designed, extruded aluminium profiles to build DIN standard and other custom enclosures, racks and housings.

- A full-scale metal finishing shop includes facilities for over bake painting, power coating, anodising, phosphating and electroplating.

- Quality testing laboratory with environment test chambers, shock / vibration test equipment and component life testing facility.

- In-house facility to produce Membrane Overlays with integrated logic key switches.

Research, Development & Engineering

Core strength in areas of Electronic Measurement and Power Electronics.
- Digital and Analogue Circuit Design.

- Signal Conditioning.

- Microprocessor based Hardware and System Software.

- Power Conversion Technology employing switch mode and other state-of-art techniques etc.

- Own product range designed and developed in-house to meet international specifications.

- R&D manned by over 40 highly experienced and talented engineers with collective experience of 450 man-years.

Crotech has distributors / agents in most of the

- Western European Countries
- United States of America
- Far East Countries
- Middle East Countries
- Many African Countries
- Australia & New Zealand

In addition CROTECH specializes in exclusive OEM supplies to reputed companies in UK, USA, Germany, Norway, Finland, France, Greece, Singapore, Japan, Australia.
All such supplies are made with "Exclusivity and Confidentiality agreements. CROTECH products have undergone stringent environmental & climatic military tests in different evaluation labs of Defence and type approved for use in airborne, under-water and in Satellite earth stations in remote places.

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