Uninterrupted Power Supplies

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Crotech is today a leading name in AC-DC and DC-AC Power Sources throughout the world.

Crotech products are of state-of-the-art design, safe and rugged to use and offer excellent reliability & flexibility.

Crotech has an array of DC Power Supplies, Inverters for wide range of applications.

Crotech Power Sources and Line Conditioners are widely used by Defence Services, Space Agencies, Public Utilities, Telecom and Broadcasting Services and Educational and Research Institutions.

  Digital Lab Regulated DC Power Supplies  
  19" Rack Adaptable Regulated DC Power Supplies - 30W to 300W  
  High Power Digital Lab Regulated DC Power Supplies  
  19" Rack Adaptable High Power Regulated DC Power Supplies - 500W to 2KW  
  Variable AC/DC Low Power Series  
  Digital Output AC/DC Power Supply, 0-25V/5A - Z2505D  
  Zebra Regulated DC Power Supplies  
  Single Output  
  Dual & Triple Output  
  Zebra High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supplies  
  Fixed Output DC Preset Power Supplies 5 to 48V, 10W to 1KW  
  AC / DC Power Supplies  
  AC/DC 1-12V/6A Bench Power Supplies  
  AC/DC 6V/12V/24V Fixed Output Power Supplies  
  AC/DC 0-25V or 30V at 5 Amps Bench Power Supplies  
  High Voltage Power Supplies  
  EHT Power Supplies - 5K3M & 6K3M  
  Kleenline - Electronic Switching Stabilizers with Super Isolation  
  Safety Enclosed Auto-Transformers with 'Safe' Wire Connector - 115V Models & 230V Models  
  GPIB Programmable Power Supplies  
  Programmable Lab Regulated DC Power Supplies - Prolab Series 300W to 1KW  
  Programmable DC Electronic Loads - Prolab Series 400W to 2400W  
  GPIB Programmable Dual Output DC Power Source - Prolab Series 200W  
  Remote Programmable Variable Frequency - Variable Voltage Power Sources  
  Continuously Variable Auto Transformers - 0.75A to 50A - Single and Three Phase Models  
  Single Phase Flush Type Models  
  Encapsulated Auto-Transformers  
  Three Phase Open Type Models  
  Variable AC Laboratory VATs  

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